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Life is the chance to make history 

i have no idea

life is living and death is the end of it

Everything, yet nothing.


death is the nasty part you’ve got to find a way to get over or move on from, when it’s over it’s over. life is what you make of it. so make it good.

Life is company, death is loneliness

Life is death and death is life, here you go, it sounds simple doesn’t it :)

If life itself is a dream, perhaps death is when we wake up for the first time, and see who we really are.


life to me means being yourself, it means going out and having new experiences and just being free

death to me means being trapped somewhere - inside ur body - and just not having a way out, it means having to wear a mask

Life is everything I know and death is the unknown, yet the knowledge of deaths existence gives importance to life.

Another stage

Having achieved out of body experiences when both intoxicated and sober, I have no doubt that at the end of our physical existence here on Earth, your new life (following death) will take a stroll in a different direction. Where? I would not like to say. I am not a big fan of the heaven concept, as I do not believe that a state of perfection emotionally could be achieved after only one cycle here on Earth. Life is to teach you, whilst ultimately having fun. Death to me means reincarnation, the end of your current perception in this 3D reality. 

Death is simply a continuation of life but so desperately sad for those left behind to mourn until the time they are reunited.

Life is the pain of death and death is the beginning of life.